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デュラララ!! Gen Meme

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デュラララ!! Gen Meme


April 20th, 2011

Five Things/Five Times

Trying something new!  This thread is for themed prompts based around the five things/times meme.

For those who are not familiar with the five things meme in regards to fandom, it is a particular style of conceptualizing a prompt that specifies a topic that can be spoken about several times -- it's vague enough to permit plenty of interpretations while direct enough so a writer can still match what the requester is looking for.
There are several permutations to the five things meme -- feel free to specify however you want!  Whether you're looking for only "three things" or if you'd like to hear about "five times something happened and one time the opposite occurred" -- so long as it follows the general gist of the five things meme, it's all good!  While the 5 or 5+1 templates tend to be the most common, anything goes so long as the main idea persists.
The purpose of such a specific style of prompting is that these prompts are just as fun to fill as they are to create!  With any luck, there will be a higher request/fill ratio due to the nature of these requests having the potential to be easier and less time consuming to fill while still maintaining the capacity for quality and creativity.  As lovely as long fills are, sometimes a drabble now and then does a lot of good!
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December 5th, 2010

(no subject)


The purpose of the Gen Meme is to serve as an outlet for ideas, writing, and art of a SFW nature for the light novel, anime, and manga series Durarara!!.

Any and all genres of fanart and fanfiction for Durarara!! are welcome here!  (Do note that, by nature, works revolving around explicit sexual content do not belong in this meme -- for that, the kink meme or non-Shizaya kink meme suffice.)  It is stressed that ALL NSFW content must be preceded by a warning.  Explicit content, should it exist, should be whited out at all times.
Do this by applying the following:   <font color="white">your content goes here</font>

Be it fluff, character exploration, relationship interaction, or anything else, please comment with your requests here!  (Anon is on, IP logging is off -- you're welcome to post anonymously or logged into your own account.)
It doesn't work to only post ideas, though -- please attempt to fill someone else's request if you post your own.

Thoughtfulness is encouraged, creativity is adored, good characterization is treasured!  And as always, kindness towards other memegoers is a priority.

This thread is for requests and corresponding fills.
If you would like to post original content (i.e. your own fic or art, NOT something found on pixiv) that was not inspired by a request, post in this thread.

Do note that you are more than welcome to repost requests from the kink meme, providing that they are SFW, on this meme.  Reposting several requests in a short period of time is discouraged, but since an old idea is allowed a fresh perspective in a different place, don't avoid posting just because the request is posted elsewhere.

Have fun!

(no subject)


This thread is to act as a place where people can post their fanfiction or fanart related to Durarara!!.

If you've written or drawn content that you would either like to post anonymously or just to have somewhere to share it without posting to a community, this is your place!

Anything -- drabbles, comics, multi-chaptered epics, doodles -- is welcome here.

All explicit content, should it exist, must be preceded with a warning and should be whited out in this manner: <font color="white">your content goes here</font>

In order to keep things organized, make a comment first about what your fic/artwork features, and then REPLY TO THAT to post the actual content.  (Check the first comment on the first page for an example of this preferred posting method.)

Post away!
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